Fly Control Systems for Restaurants, Commercial Food Handling Facilities, and Homes

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Benefits of Our Insect Control Systems

  • Controls Flies, Mosquitoes, and Other Flying Insects.

  • Exclusive Patented Auto Advancing Cartridge Captures 1,000's of Pests!

  • No Zap, No Poisons - Environmentally Safe!

  • Excellent for Restaurants, Food Prep. Facilities, and Homes.

  • Meets all Applicable USDA and FDA Guidelines.

Insect Inn™ Ultra

Ultimate decorative wall mounted fly traps that are also an attractive decorative light fixture for public areas. The Ultra fly catcher uses ultraviolet light, special fly attractants and a patented 60 day auto advance replaceable cartridge. More Info

Paraclipse® Terminator™

Paraclipse® Terminator™ is ideal for fly management and insect control in food handling and manufacturing areas. It is a commercial/industrial multifunction portable fly trap. Uses our patented 60 day auto advance replaceable cartridge.  More Info

ParaclipseŽ Fly Patrol™

Decorative light commercial / home fly control system. This trapping system is environmentally friendly and an effective attractor of flying insects. Uses our patented 30 day auto advance replaceable cartridge.  More Info

ParaclipseŽ Mosquito Eliminator

Paraclipse® is pleased to announce our latest addition to our Insect Control Traps.  Our NEW outdoor Paraclipse® Mosquito Eliminator captures mosquitoes and other flying insects with our patented 30 day auto advancing cartridge.  More Info